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Aquarian Age. A 2021 Vision Board Journey.

Aquarian Age. A 2021 Vision Board Journey.

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The Aquarian Age is here. This is a time of ascension.

A time to let go of what no longer serves and call into being that which is for the highest good of all.


We welcome you to join as you are guided through practices of letting go and calling forth the aspects of an awakened life to be manifested.


We are transitioning into the Quantum field of 5D where thoughts, feelings, and emotions will be manifested into reality at a rapid rate. Manifest the best year that aligns with your true authentic self.


We are being invited to dream big, to imagine, and to BELIEVE.


Why is a Vision Board Important?


A vision board is a powerful Law of Attraction tool used to help clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on specific life goals and declarations.


Creating and using vision boards serves several purposes, it helps you:


  •  Identify your vision and give it clarity.
  •  Reinforce your daily affirmations.
  •  Keep your attention on your intentions.
  • Seeing the vision board each day aligns your brain with the outcomes you most want to attract.

During this workshop, you will:

  •  Be guided through a meditation to let go of all that is not wanted to be carried forth into the future to then align, open up, and receive your highest vision for 2021 and beyond.
  •  Create a Digital Feng Shui aligned 2021 Vision board for the 9 main domains in your life ( Work/Career, Finances/Wealth, Recreation/Free-time, Lifestyle/Experiences, Health/Fitness, Love/Relationships, Friendships, Family, Self-development, Contribution.
  •  This workshop is Completely Online!
  •  No magazines, scissors, or glue needed!

What are the main benefits of a digital vision board vs a traditional vision board?


  • Save Time: With a digital vision board, you don't have to collect magazines or need any supplies. Although it's fun, it can be very time consuming to find the image you are looking for. Oftentimes, you end up choosing other images that don't fully communicate what you are wanting to convey. With a digital board, you can find exactly the image you are looking for in no time.
  • Creative Freedom: Add any text, color, and effects you would like. You can bring any vision to reality with a digital board. There are no limitations.

It's easy to join from the comfort of your home. All you need is:

  •  Access to Zoom
  •  A Free (or paid) Canva Account. The Vision Board can easily be printed directly from the software or downloaded into a pdf to get printed.
  •  Free Digital online photo stock services. Options will be provided after registration.
  • You will receive further instructions after registration.


In light of the recent events, current awareness, community outreach, and our stand for a world that is loving, unified, abundant, peaceful, and free.  Join us we collectively create our vision for a new earth. As a special bonus, to create a shift during our workshop, we will also be building a community vision board to bring about the change we wish to see in the world!



It's up to us to be the change we wish to see in the world.


Investment: $22


What past participants are saying:


Sat Nam,
I can not Thank you and Adam enough for this fabulous workshop, even though I couldn’t be in the live class I could feel the love and energy from the group. I sent my vision board via email from Canva. Looking forward to working with you both more.
-Lori D.


Hi Guys!
I'm very happy with how my vision board looks, Thank you so much!
-Mariana B.


Hello Claudia and Adam –

Thank you so much. I loved the class and got exactly what I wanted from it.
Gd bless and thank you for making this event so spot on. I would love to share it with others when you do another one.
-Ali R.


I want to thank Adam Pacitti and Claudia Urdaneta-Pacitti, for the gifts they are to me and this tribe and to all whose lives they touch. This experience of a virtual vision board with the collective was incredible. I am always stretched, renewed and energized when l participate. Ah'o -Debra


Thank you, Claudia, and Adam, for an amazing time! It really was incredible. I could feel the major shift happen. Can’t wait until next year to do this again! It really is powerful. -Sophie 💜

Claudia, the vision board journey was stunningly beautiful! To be guided to create a feng shui-approved vision board, guiding us in EACH important area of our lives, and the beautiful community board we created together was worth it all and more! Thank you ❤️ - Jaslin

Meet Your Hosts:


Claudia (Mukti Ram Jaya) and Adam (Satya Ram Jaya) are a spiritually guided power couple on a mission of peace and healing through service.


With core values of Loving Kindness, Devotion, Service, and Community, their purpose is to support, guide, and create safe spaces and experiences of acceptance, healing, and awakening. They are a stand for a world of Peace, and Prosperity, where all beings remember who they are and live in a world of full self-expression.


Grounded in effective strategies for optimum results, along with a connection to higher consciousness, Adam and Claudia combine spiritual philosophy and practical tools for a whole-being gentle unfolding of awakening.


They guide through awareness of the inner and outer expressions through balancing masculine and feminine principles, effective communication, accountability, and connection to source, with an eclectic blend of eastern and western philosophy and wisdom.


Together, they have been hosting successful vision board workshops for the past 4 years.


To learn more about them visit 


To your dreams,

Claudia & Adam

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