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Balancing Your Brain Chemistry +Libra (Air) Full Moon Lodge

Balancing Your Brain Chemistry +Libra (Air) Full Moon Lodge


In this full moon gathering, we focused on balancing our brain chemistry. Libra is all about balance and we have a scale in our head with 4 different chemistries that creates our mood, personality, temperament, attention, and diseases (if deficient). During this gathering we took a test to know where you are right now in your life as well as what to do with your dominant natures, deficiencies, and how to create a higher conscious lifestyle with a balanced loving brain. 


Each month we build upon the last bringing out our Wild Woman and Inner Child to play with the full moon inside our sacred sisterhood circle.  


The full moon events are a time to feel bright, get clear, take action, communicate, face our fears, celebrate our wins, re-assess our work & goals, release all that doesn't serve you, and run with the wolves. 

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