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Herbs 101 Masterclass

Herbs 101 Masterclass


Let’s take a walk through time, the front yard, and your very own kitchen... 

Magick is all around you. Hidden in ordinary herbs just waiting for a small witchy touch and a simple intention so that your herbs become a practice to love yourself, your family, and connect to Pachamama in a new way. 


From the beginning of time, herbs and plants have played a huge part in the livelihood of human well-being. Once upon a time, every woman had passed down knowledge from her mother and her mother before her on how different herbs can help in all areas of your life. 


Can’t sleep? Have anxiety? Need a little extra pick me up? Want a first aid kit for when your child falls? 


In this masterclass, Melanie Hachey will teach you some magickal uses for basic herbs everyone should know and most people already have in their kitchen. You will also learn some of her favorite witchy tea blends for protection, sleep aids, natural remedies, and more to always have ready in your kitchen for you and your family! 

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