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HERflow: Intro To Your Inner Feminine Wisdom & Menstrual Cycle Magic

HERflow: Intro To Your Inner Feminine Wisdom & Menstrual Cycle Magic


What if... I told you, you had a secret power that no man will EVER have...

This secret power can bring less stress, more energy, and a sense of inner peace that will stay within you.

BUT we've been taught to hide this power! To see it as unnatural, dirty, disgusting and a curse for all women.

In this online webinar we will flip the script and show you the true power of...

Cyclical Living.

Your Menstrual Cycle AND the Moon Cycle (for those with no cycle but still want to connect to the divine power within).

Learn to listen to your female bodies wisdom to help you on your path to self-discovery, love, and joy.

Our bodies have wisdom. Our menstrual cycle keeps us grounded AND allows us to connect to the universe in a whole new way.

Here are a few things you will learn in this webinar:

- Everything you should have learned when you got your first period

- How your menstrual cycle is your hidden power and how to bring it out so you can shine

- How connecting to cycles (menstrual & moon) is our feminine divine right

- PMS and Menstrual Cramps are NOT 'normal' and how to heal your pain

- Learn all four menstrual cycle phases and how you can align to them in your life

- How your energy shifts in a 28-day cycle and how to use this as your feminine advantage

- How resting, replacing, and evaluating is NEEDED for woman

- How to go deeper in your spiritual practice


How to prepare for the evening:

- Wear something that makes you feel sexy ;) Even if it's lingerie underneath your clothes

- Grab a pen and paper to take tons of notes (and be aware I will happily send you a pdf after)

- Go somewhere that no one else can hear you. This is YOUR time to connect to your feminine energy and if you feel like sharing I want you to be open to.

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