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Akashic Record Reading Masterclass

Akashic Record Reading Masterclass


Have you ever wondered what your past lives were like? 


Or have you yearned how to connect to your spirit guides and ancestors? 


What about knowing the knowledge deep within your soul?


You can achieve all this and more by learning to read and interpret your very own Akashic Records.


What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is a collection of all the thoughts, events, knowledge, and ideas of all human knowledge is stored and can be accessed on the astral plane. These records can be opened through prayer, intuition, and meditation. You may access any knowledge since the beginning of space and time by asking specific questions that your Ascended Masters, Angels, and Higher Self can answer while in this "book of life" plane.


Please come with:

1. Questions that you wish to ask in the Akashic Records. This could be about your life or anything about the world in general.

2. A notebook to write down what you experience and any notes you would like to save


A list of areas you may want to consider exploring with the Akashic Records:

1) Current life challenges and circumstances.

2) Interactions with friends and family.

3) Repeated patterns and behaviors.

4) Recurring dreams.

5) Influences from past lives.

6) Spiritual path, life purpose, and direction.

7) Influences from outside sources, patterns of addiction and codependency.

8) Contracts created in this or previous lifetimes.

9) Romantic, family, and professional relationships.


In partnership with Red Tent Goddesses Jaslin & Claudia.

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