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Non-Toxic Living Practices & Full Moon Lodge Circle

Non-Toxic Living Practices & Full Moon Lodge Circle


 Join us for a full moon gathering in Virgo honoring the element of Earth. 


In this full moon gathering, we are going to focus on clarity, balance, and grounding. We will talk about subjects such as non-toxic living, self-sustainability, and healing/detoxing from past wounds and our modern-day life. 


Each month we build upon the last bringing out our Wild Woman and Inner Child to play with the full moon inside our sacred sisterhood circle. The full moon events are a time to feel bright, get clear, take action, communicate, face our fears, celebrate our wins, re-assess our work & goals, release all that doesn't serve you, and run with the wolves. 


In this fulll moon event we: 

  1.  Open our own circle and practice connecting to Spirit in our own way 
  2. Meet a new sister in our Red Tent Goddess Membership 
  3. Learn what is going on astrologically with Melanie Hachey
  4. Connect with Goddess Gaia & Goddess Demeter in a quick visualization with Lisette Lopez
  5. Enjoy moving and connecting with your body with Jessalyn Taker's Egoscue exercises & breathwork
  6. Understand the connection between loving yourself and loving Mother Gaia with ideas, tips, and journal prompts
  7. Learn about having a non-toxic lifestyle and why it is important for you
  8. Become aware of what is in your household products and in your tap water + what to do about it


What you will need to make the most of this experience:

  • A quiet room where you will not be bothered for 2 hours

  • Have 3 household items with labels from your bathroom and cleaning supplies (Examples: Makeup supplies, soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, all-purpose cleaner, lotion, etc.)

  • Have a mug of water or herbal tea to drink - we will be giving and receiving a lot of energy and water helps to refuel! Bonus points if the mug is our Red Tent Mug! :D


Extras that can have you feel extra good:

  • Tools to call in the elements while we create a circle  (Examples: Athame or feather, a bowl of water, sand or dirt from outside, and a candle & lighter)

  • Your altar, red box, crystals, sage, or anything else that may call to you while we enter sacred space

  • A shawl to enjoy the flow and feel like an angel ^.^ AND if you are BLEEDING you can wear something over your head to let us know you do not wish to take part in an exercise (example: you shouldn't do a womb cleanse while bleeding) so we can respect you


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Claudia Pacitti-Urdaneta, Co-Founder, High-Priestess, Red Tent Facilitator,  Creative Director, and Certified Transpersonal Coach  


Jaslin Martin, Co-Founder, High Priestess, Moon Mother + Business & Menstrual Cycle Coach, Digital Marketer, and Full Moon Circle Facilitator  

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