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Astrology 101 Masterclass

Astrology 101 Masterclass


Join Monique Blake, WellBEing Educator + Life Coach for the Astrology 101 Masterclass, and get clear on how to access your unique purpose and story. In this 90 min class, you will explore…


  • The difference between a horoscope and astrology reading

  • Why there is no such thing as being born on the cusp

  • The three foundational concepts in astrology

  • A brief understanding of the Sun, Moon, and ASC i.e. the ABCs of your natal chart

You have the opportunity to start deciphering and creating your unique astrology biography.


For the class, you will need a printed copy of your natal (birth) chart. Do not worry if it looks like a foreign language. 


  • Your day, month, and year of birth

  • Your city and state/country of birth

  • Your time of birth (an accurate time is necessary for a precise understanding of your chart)


The only other things you will need are an open heart, mind, and a cup of tea or your favorite beverage.


No previous astrology experience required.

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