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Human Design Masterclass

Human Design Masterclass


In this Masterclass, you are going to learn what Human Design is all about and how it can help you live your most fulfilled life.


What is Human Design?


It is a cutting-edge personality assessment tool that is practical, simple, reliable, and life-changing. It is a synthesis of Eastern & Western Astrology, the Hindu Chakra System, the Judaic Kabbalah, the Chinese I’Ching, and Quantum Physics. However, in itself, it is its own system. There are no known competing modalities. This powerful tool is vital and augmentative for anyone doing healing and transformative work. Knowing Human Design gives you an added understanding of the mechanics of how you, your loved ones, and your clients operate in a way that probably no other system can. It is also one of the most reliable and accurate Decision-Making Tools, which is a game-changer for many. It helps people redefine the story of who they are, and it gives you permission to tell the truth of who you really are and live the expression of your authentic self.


During the Masterclass we will go over the 5 Types in Human Design, their Strategies to make Decisions and the 9 Energy Centers.


For you to get the most out of the interactive Masterclass, I invite you to bring your personal Body Graph Chart, as it is going to reveal your Type, and will help you understand yourself so much better.


Here is where you can get your Body Graph Chart for free prior to the Masterclass:


To run your chart, you must enter your Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth (as exact as possible), and the city and country of your birth. It’s going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to see you all there!


About Analena/Bio:

Analena is an Expert Coach for Business, Relationships, and Spiritual Lifestyle. She is also a Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist (she is a 2/4 Manifesting Generator with Sacral Authority). Born and raised in Germany, she has been living in sunny Florida for about 12 years now, and she is loving it! After obtaining an MBA and having a career in Corporate for many years, she followed her heart and has been serving her clients through her magical coaching ever since.


In her Coaching Practice, along with her Business Partner Alex, she helps “Ladypreneurs” pursue a career that is aligned with their soul purpose, and become magnetizing through Human Design, Transformational Coaching and the Accelerated Deconditioning Method. You can meet both in their free Facebook Group “Human Design for Ladypreneurs”. She is a published co-author of the #1 International Bestseller “The One Thing Every Mom Needs to Know”.


Analena is a divorced mother of 1 and gets along well with her ex-husband. They both have found a very peaceful way of co-parenting their beautiful daughter.


Along with her current partner, she has been going through a huge transformation personally and in her career. It has allowed her to turn the past into her biggest gift, and it has also enabled both to grow together beautifully through some incredible challenges. She considers her relationships with herself as the most important piece of leadership. And relationships with others and being a parent has been the most potent places for her personal

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