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Join A Women's Community Filled With Love & Support

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Let Your Inner Goddess Shine & Birth A New Earth Within Sisterhood

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For centuries, women have gathered together to share stories, heal their wounds, support each other, pass down the mysteries of being a woman, empower one another, and decide on how the tribe is going to evolve. 


That gathering can be in a forest butt naked, a park near your home, a coffee shop, a WhatsApp group, or even an online circle. 


When women gather together with a sacred intention... something magical happens. 


Many moons ago, that sacred intention was to bleed together on the new moon, to rest together, to connect to the Goddess, to support each other, and to love one another. 


Times definitely have changed. Our intentions may change, our way of gatherings may change, but the power of holding space with other women...that will never change. 


There is nothing more healing than a loving sisterhood of women that accept you for who you are and have your back throughout life. In a time where we live minimally 6 feet apart and are more separate and disconnected than ever before, the power of sisterhood gets to be remembered. 


From the research we have done, we have found that every woman wishes to have a family that unconditionally loves them, appreciates them, and sees them for who they are. What some very lucky women have found out is... that can be found within your sisters. We have also noticed that when a woman gets a taste of our sisterhood and truly opens herself up, she knows she has found her family for life. 

In this sisterhood, if you allow yourself to be held this is what’s possible:

(These are real-life experiences but I took out the sister's names for privacy purposes)

  • SIster A got her car broken into and the window shattered. After asking for support from the Red Tent Goddess Sisters in less than 24 hours she raised more than enough to help her pay for a new window and buy items that were stolen.

  • Sister B suddenly had a ruptured appendix and was quickly taken to the hospital. Since she and her Red Tent Goddess support sister have gotten so close, her support sister reached out to the group and we all surprised her with flowers, a letter, balloons, and a teddy bear to her hospital room. 

  • Sister C lost her job and had no idea how she would pay for her car bill coming up on Friday. After asking for support from the Red Tent Goddess Sisters and giving out some of her services at a discounted rate in less than 24 hours she had the money to pay her car and get herself back on track. 

  • Sister D had a scheduled surgery and wasn’t sure how she was going to cook for herself in the upcoming weeks since she was on bed rest. After letting her support sister know, her support sister reached out to the group and we got enough money together to help her for the first 3 days and sent her breakfast, lunch, and dinner (from Uber Eats to her home).

  • Sister E had to stop working for 2 weeks to be at the hospital for her daughter and needed help paying for a few bills to keep supporting her daughter. After asking for support from the Red Tent Goddess Sisters she had more than enough to help her with her bills until she could get back on her two feet and her daughter was healthy once again. This sister is one of our most benevolent sisters who is always helping and giving but had trouble asking for help until this point. 


Do you see the power of sisterhood? As long as you are willing to receive from your sisters, anything is possible. You will never be alone again. You will be supported no matter what you are going through and loved for exactly who you are. 


Once upon a time, this type of sisterhood was called a Red Tent. 

The Red Tent, for centuries, was a red textile space where women gathered to rest, renew, and often share deep and powerful stories about their lives in a community-setting. Normally, it revolved around the new moon and the women would bleed together while sharing space and love.


The Red Tent Movement is a modern-day rekindling of this ancient practice and is changing the way that women interact and support each other by providing a place that honors and celebrate women, and by enabling open conversations about the things that women don't want to talk about in other venues. 


At Red Tent Goddess, we have created an online sisterhood of emerging goddesses with sacred intentions once again - this time it’s focused on bringing back our ancient Red Tent practice + cultivating our inner goddesses, each other, and a utopian world we all agree upon (keep reading to learn more). 


At Red Tent Goddess you can...


  • Join in sisterhood and be held in Sacred Space

  • Celebrate life, laugh, scream, grieve & dance

  • Speak truths, give voice to experience & be heard by your sisters

  • Journey for healing and guidance

  • Receive activations and deepen your practices

  • Relax, release, receive or just simply be

  • Dress up and play, sing, and drum

  • Learn new ways to honor yourself and others

  • Meet new people and gain new insights

  • Coming of age made easy, surrounded by feminine wisdom

  • Manifest, create, and deepen your love of life

  • Break bread with your sisters and cherish your womanhood

  • Discover more about the woman you truly are

  • When you feel afraid and alone, allow yourself to be held

  • Have space held for you to bloom and be watered when needed

  • Nothing is taboo, discuss sexuality, blood mysteries, parenting, menstrual cycles, contraception & more!!

  • Maiden, Mother, Enchantress & Crone are WELCOME!! 


But don’t just hear it from us, hear it from some of the members:


Melanie Hachey

Founding Member

"I’m so unbelievably grateful for all the lessons and love I’ve gotten, and given, to this sisterhood. It’s so much more than just a group. We’re family. I could not be more happy."


Jen Moonbeam

Founding Member

"Love, compassion, knowledge, & support are all a part of this sister group!"


Charlene Grace

Founding Member

“This has been quite a powerful experience for me as I have been able to communicate more thoroughly and effectively with my partner, I learned to meditate, let emotions pass easier than I have in the past, helped me connect with those around me on a deeper and more meaningful level. I feel you guys are doing the absolute best bringing us together and informing us about the power we have within and I am eternally grateful.”

Rose Colon.jpeg

Member Since Dec 2020

Rose Colon

"I just recently joined the Red Tent Sisterhood. Being part of this shroud and the work has opened my eyes and me up to the feminine aspect, what this really means, looks like, and how to heal and transform this to be more balanced in my thoughts, life.  I realized by attending the sessions and learning from all the material presented and practices how unbalanced I was."


Founding Member

Lisette Akashic

“My experience has been phenomenal. The Red Tent is my spiritual family I couldn't be happier. My favorite day of the week is Tuesday because that's when I get to see all of you. I haven't missed an event. . Love, Love the Red Tent and love Claudia and Jaslin.”


Founding Member

Lisa Rene

"I love this sisterhood! Everyone is so nice and so talented. The master classes are off the chart and the moon gatherings are where it's at. The information and processes we are learning are so incredibly sacred and beautiful. I am so honored to be here with everyone. I am so grateful for Claudia and Jaslin's leadership. Come and join us!!!!"


Founding Member

Claudia Nieves

"This has been a loving place for me to grow and support others with my own gifts & living experiences and so much more. Thanks to this sisterhood, I have been able to accept parts of myself and my feminine side that were rejected and denied for many many years! I love myself more than ever and it is a beautiful community for any woman!! I am so amazed by the love, learning, and connection!"


Founding Member

Analena Fuchs

"I’m totally loving this sisterhood. If you are looking to tap more into your feminine flow and surround yourself with unconditional love, this is the place to be!!"


Founding Member

Debra Cooper

“Each time as we complete a gathering, I am filled with an energy of the kind I can only explain as fresh, renewing, and deeply feminine and spiritual.  These experiences speak to me at the time in my life as a Crone.  I have never felt anything but loved and welcomed to the space.  The love and connection shared there is truly one I did not know existed, coming from a space of a strong desire to connect with women of all ages throughout my life. For me, it is more important than l realized to have women join in a circle, as part of my tribe. I leave the tent inspired and heard.”


Now, we have brought back our ancient Red Tent & its teachings with a modern-day twist. Wherever you live, you are accepted into our circle. Wherever you are in life, our doors are wide open for you to be loved for the beautiful soul that you are. 


This is a place for YOU to bloom, a place where every month you can be reborn, re-seeded, watered, loved, and grow once again. Where we value you for the human being you are and the soul within. We see past your size & shape, we see past your past, and we see past your situations to love you unconditionally for the bright beautiful lightbeing that you are.


Red Tent Goddess was born out of love, passion, and commitment to the divine feminine and a space to get to know ourselves at the deepest level in an environment of community, sisterhood & love. 


It was created by two soul sisters that have had many past lives creating women circles together as Priestesses of the Infinite Divine Mother. Every day, our list of sister goddesses expands and our intention grows clearer. In this lifetime, this is OUR circle. It evolves with each sister's vision and transforms us all in the process to greater heights.