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What is a Witch's Ball and How To Make Your Own

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

A Witch Balls Look Like Fancy Christmas Ornaments—but They’re Magic, and You don't need a tree. Witch balls (aka yule balls or faerie balls) are an ancient pagan custom brought over to the U.S. from England in the 17th century. A witch ball is a pretty bauble designed to ensnare evil spirits and energies and protect the space they’re hung in. They look just like fancy glass Christmas ornaments, with glass or thread fibers inside—and in fact, some say that Christmas ornaments developed out of this tradition. Witch balls, though, aren’t tied to a holiday. They’re hung year-round, often in an eastern window, to fend off evil spirits, witches, illness, bad fortune, and curses. Witch balls are highly decorative and sometimes contain different ingredients for extra magick. Their sparkly patterns and bright colors were believed to attract and mesmerize evil spirits. The bad guys would be drawn to the ball like moths to a flame, and when they touched it, their energy would be absorbed and trapped inside forever. Think of them like witchy Venus fly traps. Even now, people still hang witch balls outside of their front doors, on their porches, at their windows, or throughout their homes to trap negative energy. And why not? They look cute too! Here’s how to make your own witch ball: These are some suggestions. Feel free to be intuitive and add anything you heart calls for. Things You'll Need: • Clear glass Christmas ball • Hemp Rope or any ribbon your prefer • Teaspoon (optional) • Dried Herbs ( bay leaves, sage leaves, lavender, Mugwort) • Dried Resins, Frankincense, Myrhh, etc. • Dried or fresh flowers, roses, etc. • Essential oils-cinnamon, lavender, rose, etc. • 2-inch cinnamon stick

• Scissors • Craft glue • Crystals • A cute charm or your choice What you'll do:

• Take a clear tree ornament and remove the decorative metal cap and hanger. • You can collect things from nature that you want to put into the ball. Pieces of moss, flowers, pinecones, feathers, herbs, berries, and anything else readily available. • Carefully fill it with ground-up herbs or spices (like sage for protection, cinnamon for good fortune, or lavender for soothing energy) and/or crystal shards (like black tourmaline, jet, or labradorite, all of which have protective properties) or even ground-up seashells. • Add some sparkly thread, ideally knotted and looped, to act as the trapping device for the bad vibes. Think of it like a sticky spider’s web, and the negative energy is the fly. • Crush the dried rose petals from one rose blossom in your hands and add to the ball for luck. Add a couple of drops of essential oils • If you’d like to, paint the ball in any way you wish. Blue is associated with serenity and tranquility, so it’s a popular color choice. You can also leave it clear. Go with your intuition and get creative. • As you assemble the ball, think about the protective energy you are trying to create and imagine it glowing with mesmerizing powers, ready to draw in whatever negative vibes are out there. Imagine the ball as your protector, helping keep you and your home safe. • For extra potency, write your intention for the New Year on paper and add it inside your ball. • Hang it by a window facing East, preferably. Other directions weeks as well. I usually put mine by the front door.

How to purify your witch's ball to be reused for the following year: Here's a simple guide on how to purify your witch ball:

  1. Cleanse with Smoke: Pass the witch ball through the smoke of purifying herbs, such as sage, cedar, or palo santo. This helps clear away any negative or stagnant energies attached to the ball.

  2. Sunlight and Moonlight: Place the witch ball in direct sunlight and then under the light of the full moon. Both sunlight and moonlight have purifying and energizing qualities that can refresh the ball's energy.

  3. Salt Bath: Submerge the witch ball in a bowl of salt. Salt is known for its purifying properties and can help absorb and neutralize negative energies.

  4. Sound Cleansing: Use sound vibrations to cleanse the witch ball. You can do this by ringing a bell, using singing bowls, or playing calming chimes near the ball. The sound waves help disperse any stagnant energies.

  5. Intention Setting: Hold the witch ball in your hands and set a clear intention for its purification. Visualize white light surrounding and cleansing the ball while focusing on positive energy.

  6. Recharge with Crystals: Place the witch ball near cleansing crystals such as clear quartz, selenite, or amethyst. These crystals have purifying properties and can help recharge the energy of the witch ball.

  7. Visualization and Meditation: Sit in a quiet space with the witch ball in front of you. Visualize a stream of pure, white light flowing through the ball, cleansing and renewing its energy. Combine this with a meditation session to enhance the purifying process.

  8. Essential Oils: Dab a small amount of purifying essential oils, such as lavender or frankincense, on a cloth and gently wipe the witch ball. This not only cleanses but also imparts a refreshing scent.

Remember to trust your intuition during this process and choose methods that resonate with you. By purifying your witch ball, you're ensuring that it starts the new year with cleansed and positive energy.

Enjoy the Magic of your newly created Witch's Ball all year round. References: E-How How to make A Witch’s Ball

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