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Top 5 Sustainable Businesses For Herbalists To Shop Worry-Free by Jaslin Varzideh

Are you tired of not knowing if an herbal business is focused on a better sustainable & regenerative world or are they part of the Global Warming problem?

Many herbal companies find shortcuts to maximize profits. They don’t have our planet and people in mind and focus on blending low-grade herbs with preservatives that can lead to mold and other toxins in our teas. Many herbalists became herbalists to avoid harmful products and have a simpler, easier, and healthier life.

So, What if you had a proven list of eco-friendly businesses that care about the planet, people, and profit? The companies mentioned below not only create or source sustainable products - they also focus on the packaging, their employees, and their facilities leaving the least carbon footprint possible for the wellbeing of the world.

Below you shall find researched and verified companies where you can find organic herbs & spices with sustainability as their main focus.

Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herb is the first zero-waste-certified business in Oregon, USA. As a whole, the company puts the planet's needs above profit. Their level of care to decrease their carbon footprint goes deeper than their Environmentally Preferable Packaging Policy. Each of their facilities have 100 percent renewable energy and they are part of the Oregon Benefit Company - a stand to be a valuable asset to the community at large.

Check out Mountain Rose Herbs Website to read more about their organic botanical offerings such as herbs, spices, essential oils, teas, seasoning blends, and more.

Good Flower Farms

Besides their organic growing practices, my personal favorite part about Good Flower Farms sustainable practices is their Sustainable Water Management System. 100% of their water used for their farm comes from their very own natural spring on the property. Next to their sustainable water habits is their composting foundation. They keep their soil fertile by creating rich organic matter and composting their own farm waste.

This store is perfect for herbal skincare products in glass or recyclable containers. Their aluminum-free & baking-soda free deodorant can be found in biodegradable paperboard tubes.

Good Flower Farms is definitely one of the good guys. In case you needed any more proof, they are partnered with the 1% For The Planet (they donate 1% of their revenue to environmental causes) that puts this company up there with Patagonia and Honest Tea as one of the best sustainable businesses out there.

Frontier Co-Op

Frontier Co-Op sets themselves apart with a simple yet effective How2Recycle friendly labeling system on every product. One of their yearly commitments is that 90% of their waste goes to sustainable practices instead of filling landfills. They didn’t just give up there though, they are continuing to do research with the help of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to find more ways to reduce waste in their facilities. Although Frontier Co-Op does have yearly carbon emissions, they monitor it closely and they purchase VERs (voluntary emission reductions) to offset 100% of those emissions. On top of their sustainable practices they give back $1 Million per year to environmental, educational, and social projects that will support our planet and the people living on it.

Now that you know why Frontier Co-Op is on this list, let’s talk about some of the products that set them apart from the other websites on this post. Outside of their abundance of herbs, teas, spices, and seasonings their customers can also find cooking and baking items and accessories such as a burger stuffer and even a double burger press. They are also known for their bulk herbs and wholesale capabilities.

Herbalist & Alchemist

Say hello to the first herbal supplement company to become a Certified-B-Corp. This is a label that you can look for on products who have gone through a strict assessment that declares them a positive impact on this planet. All of their products are sustainable & ecologically sourced but only about 75% of them are certified organic. They have a good reason for this though. Around 25% of their herbs are difficult to certify since they are wild-crafted plants that are otherwise hard to cultivate on a farm. This means that as a consumer of Herbalist & Alchemist you can find herbs that otherwise wouldn’t be easy to find.

You can also notice in their shop that their products are in order of conditions they solve such as adaptogens, cardiovascular, digestion, thyroid function, immune, and so on. This helps a new beginner herbalist start by looking up the conditions they would like to focus on healing first.

Want to look through their products by type? You can also enjoy looking at their list of capsules, single extracts, alcohol free formulas, herbal sprays & bitters, herbal support kits, and more.

Plant Therapy

Finding organic and sustainable essential oils that don’t require a membership or fee just to start was rare - until Plant Therapy stepped into this industry. Each of their oils has a quality test report that can be seen on their website so each of their consumers knows the quality of the products they are purchasing. Finally, with their Leaping Bunny Certification (an extremely difficult certification to attain) they have assured us that their products are cruelty-free and have never been tested on animals.

With their list of essential oils, diffusers, and carrier oils you will have everything needed in one store to receive high-quality aromatherapy in any room you wish. In addition to their known essential oil products, they also have natural body care and CBD products that may catch your interest while shopping.


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