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The Sacred Union: The Marriage of Red Tents and Moon Lodges

In the realm of sacred feminine spaces, the convergence of two powerful traditions has been gaining momentum: the Red Tent and the Moon Lodge. These gatherings have historically celebrated the cyclical rhythms of women's lives, but they have often done so separately. In some circles, however, these two traditions have merged, creating a harmonious and comprehensive approach to cyclical living. This unique union recognizes both the energy of new beginnings in the Red Tent and the illumination of the full moon's light in the Moon Lodge.

A Brief Introduction to Red Tents and Moon Lodges

Red Tents: The concept of the Red Tent finds its origins in ancient cultures, where women would gather during their menstrual cycles to find respite and engage in communal support. The red fabric symbolized the sacred and transformative power of the menstrual blood.

Moon Lodges: Moon Lodges, on the other hand, traditionally convene during the full moon. These gatherings have roots in indigenous cultures and have been spaces where women come together to celebrate the fullness and illumination of the moon's energy.

The Marriage of Red Tents and Moon Lodges

The merging of Red Tents and Moon Lodges is a beautiful recognition of the cyclical nature of life, where the new moon represents fresh beginnings and the full moon symbolizes the illumination of one's path. Here's a closer look at how these two traditions come together:

1. Honoring the New Moon in the Red Tent

New Beginnings: The new moon represents a clean slate, a time to set intentions, and a fresh start. Red Tents that convene during this phase are perfect for women to focus on self-reflection, intention-setting, and the creation of new life paths.

Deep Connection: The Red Tent's energy during the new moon phase aligns with introspection, self-care, and nurturing one's inner world. Women come together to share their hopes and dreams, creating a collective intention to manifest during the lunar cycle.

2. Celebrating the Full Moon in the Moon Lodge

Illumination and Fullness: The full moon radiates its light upon the world, illuminating what was once hidden in the shadows. Moon Lodges during this phase are a time for women to bask in the fullness of their power, acknowledging the wisdom and insight they've gained on their journey.

Release and Reflection: The full moon is an ideal time for release and reflection. Women in Moon Lodges share their experiences, express gratitude, and let go of what no longer serves them. The full moon's energy supports this process of release and renewal.

Benefits of This Union

Comprehensive Cyclical Living: The merging of Red Tents and Moon Lodges allows women to honor the full spectrum of the lunar cycle. They can set intentions and nurture new beginnings during the new moon, and then bask in the full moon's light to reflect, release, and celebrate their personal growth.

Balancing Yin and Yang: By combining these traditions, women embrace the dual aspects of life—new beginnings (Yin) and illumination (Yang). This balance aligns with the cyclical nature of existence, fostering a deeper understanding of life's rhythms.

Community and Connection: This union enhances the sense of community and connection among women. They come together not only during the full moon but also during the new moon, strengthening their bonds and providing support for each other throughout the lunar cycle.


The marriage of Red Tents and Moon Lodges creates a holistic and empowering approach to cyclical living. It acknowledges the duality of existence, honors the ever-changing nature of life, and fosters deep connections among women. As this union continues to evolve, it reminds us of the beauty and power of aligning with the natural rhythms of the moon and the feminine energy within us all.

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