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Spiritual Consciousness

All of life is welcoming you into a new reality, which is unfolding and emerging right before your eyes. You may not see this new reality with your physical senses yet, but your body, your consciousness, your intuition and your dreams are already actively involved in this new spiritual consciousness that is emerging.

For some, the whisperings of Spirit are subtle and create gentle openings of the heart. For others, the call of Spirit resounds more loudly and may emerge from a challenge or crisis situation, which opens the awareness to new possibilities that would otherwise not be considered.

The voice of spirit speaks uniquely in each soul. It may be creative inspiration that emerges, or an opening of the heart that creates a desire to share and give more to others. It may come through a healing relationship which transforms life totally and unexpectedly. Inner wisdom and intuition can flower in the most unusual of circumstances, as Spirit is always speaking to us through both our inner and our outer lives.

The voice of Spirit may act as a wake up call, to illuminate aspects of ourselves that are out of balance. Like a shining beacon of light, it can reveal and transform the hidden corners of ourselves that have carried large burdens for a long time. God’s light can act as a catalyst to undo past mistakes and past choices, to and create a renewed sense of healing and harmony.

You may have noticed changes in your consciousness, your awareness, and the ways that you look at life. There is a process of spiritual awakening that is happening on the Earth right now, which is still rather invisible to outer eyes, but which many are beginning to feel in their hearts. Our priorities are shifting, and life is asking us to love more, to let go of old grudges and pain, and to move forward in life with consideration and awareness of the Earth and the others in our lives.

No longer are we focused solely on ourselves and our own gratification. It is clear that in order to move into the future on this planet, we need to develop and nurture a respect for life, for the Earth, and for the other souls that share this planet with us. For each of us, this involves changes in the ways we live our lives, and in the ways we relate to others.

One day, this new spiritual consciousness will no longer be invisible, and the world as we know it will be transformed. Spiritual consciousness will not be separate from physical life, but an integral part of life. Spiritual consciousness will be shared among all living beings, and will be understood as the foundation upon which we build our lives on the Earth. This process has begun and is now catapulting us forward into one of the most significant times in the history of humanity.

Your soul chose to be present at this time, to participate in this awakening of spiritual consciousness. Your presence on the Earth is purposeful and is an integral part of the larger process. How will you move forward in the coming days and weeks? Your gift of choice allows you to partner with Spirit and the spiritual realms each day, to join with other like minded, like hearted souls to co-create the New Earth that is arriving. We bless you and give great thanks for your work.

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