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Red Tent


Are you feeling called to connect to the goddess, your feminine essence, and heal your relationship with other women?

Have you been wishing to be a part of a like-minded sisterhood where we lift each other up with love and support?


• “I HAVE to take care of this before I take care of myself”

• “I just don’t have a good relationship with women. I don’t trust them.”

• “I’m tired of the endless to-do lists and go go go mode.”

• “I never get time for myself.”

• “I don’t feel loved or appreciated for all that I do.”

• “It’s never enough. I’m never enough.”

• “I’m tired of being tired.”

• “My period is always painful and I don't know how to fix it.”

• “I don’t want to hear I am too emotional or too much or too... of anything anymore.”

• “How come I haven’t found the one yet?”

• “I don’t like my body. I keep comparing myself to others.”

• “I need to stop holding myself back.”


School never taught any of us about how to release old energies, blockages, and emotions.

School never taught us how to connect to our souls, love ourselves, and open our hearts fully. School DEFINITELY didn’t teach us about the Goddess, our feminine inner wisdom, and how women are cyclical beings. 

To top it off, we live in a patriarchal time where just recently women have stopped being pushed down, cast aside, and used for family & procreation reasons only. Our maternal & feminine DNA is still healing from the witch trials, being property to our husbands, and being the main source of human trafficking.


All of this is in the Feminine Consciousness trying to be healed and if we are not aware of it, it can take over our lives. Collectively (and individually) we have tapped into our masculine energy - to an extreme.

Below are some statistics that may shake your core:

Nearly twice as many American women die of heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases as from all forms of cancer. (4)

Worn out and weary, women across the country named fatigue among their top five health concerns of 2010 (the other four were period problems, "superfoods" best for nutrition, thyroid conditions, and sex and relationship issues. (3)

Women are twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with depression. (2)

Women are nearly twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in their lifetime (1)

A lot of women to this day believe that there is nothing they can do and this is just what was given to them. But this is NOT the case.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a part of these statistics any longer.

We can break the cycle by coming together and creating a NEW one.


The Divine Feminine Movement (also called the Red Tent Movement) is rising. 
The conscious collective is becoming aware of our "out-of-balance" society and the shift towards A New Earth has begun.
The future of humanity depends on our ability to embrace our wholeness so we can regain balance. We must reclaim our feminine nature in order to restore balance within ourselves and the earth at large.


What is Divine Feminine and Why Is It Important?

The divine feminine means a re-claiming and practice of ancient knowledge that used to be mainstream. This knowledge includes Tantra, Taoism, Shamanism, and many other bodies of ancient wisdom.

When we look into the dictionary, we find that the definition of divine means
“of, from, or like God or a god”. And Feminine, among many other definitions, is "the embodiment or conception of a timeless or idealized feminine nature". We can say that Divine Feminine is the embodiment of our sacred feminine nature. 

What is this feminine nature? 

To understand the feminine you must understand the masculine as well. Both play a crucial role in the primal forces of life itself such as yin & yang, night & day, black & white, heaven & earth, life & death, and so on. All of these qualities may seem as opposites of each other, but they cannot exist without each other. To have one you MUST have the other. 

This is why instead of hiding or shaming one or the other we focus on working them together and creating a sacred dance that shall always be played throughout life itself. 

The main differences between the two are, male energy is direct, like a straight line. It projects outward, it secures and has a giving nature.


Female Energy is cyclic, like a circle. It’s directed inward, it nurtures and has a receiving nature. When they both work together, they dance and form a spiral, moving upwards, thriving, and growing. 

In the Divine Feminine Movement, we focus on bringing the feminine back to light and balancing the masculine and patriarchal energy we live in. That also means, balancing the energies within each woman and man. 

When you awaken the Divine Feminine aspect within you, you will connect to the authentic essence of who you are, you will feel a wave of love, purity, innocence, and discover an intuitive divine knowing within. You will birth creative new ideas like none other and help birth the New Earth. 

Red Tent gatherings offer exquisite opportunities to tap into your divine feminine nature. By coming together with other women during the new moon in a sacred space of collaboration, nurturing, and support, you are able to relax and allow your innate wisdom to shine through. 


What is the Red Tent?

Many moons ago, women gathered in sisterhood in a sacred circle in a Red Tent each and every month around the New Moon.

Connecting to the rhythms of the lunar cycles and their menstrual cycles,  

Red Tents were an ancient place to come together during the New Moon to create a sacred space where women can bleed in peace, feed their souls, and share insights & knowledge.


Now, in our time, since the birth of the Red Tent Movement in 2006, we have opened up Red Tents to have a modern-day twist that will be a space throughout the month, during all cyclical phases, where you will always have a voice and be supported through our sisterhood as the Goddess you are.



  • We invoke the elements and the Goddess into our space and our lives to guide us in the right direction.

  • We cleanse and bless our wombs to bring more creative & sexual energy in our lives 

  • We connect to Mother Earth through her plant medicines and healing teas while grounding ourselves and our intentions

  • We practice rituals, experience deep meditation visualizations while we connect to the moon and the particular sign the moon is transiting by. 

  • We prepare our vessel to receive the higher frequencies that are showering upon us. 

  • We create a space to rest, renew, and celebrate being a woman

  • We take off the roles we wear and become authentically ourselves

  • We support and connect with other like-minded women while continuing to be vulnerable in our lives


Picture yourself in these shoes in the next 90 days…

Imagine ...











Waking up with more energy, excitement, clarity, and vitality than when you were in your 20s.

Enjoying a morning tea meditation to connect to your intuitive wisdom to start your day with a self-care practice that uplifts your spirit.

Planning your month ahead of time, knowing when to launch creative projects, and when to schedule downtime.  Experience greater ease by incorporating cyclical living into every day of your life. 









Before leaving the house you bow in front of your sacred altar with peace in your heart and reconnect to your monthly intention knowing without a doubt your dreams & visions are being manifested. 

You walk out the door and your neighbors' wave & smile at you. You are radiating your femininity with a glow at such a level that both men & women gravitate to you every day without you even trying. 

Walking into work with a smile on your face knowing that the universe has your back and that you are in the flow. You get more done by doing less. There is no need to rush or be stressed in your life any longer.

A co-worker tries to get on your nerves but for the first time, it does not phase your peace.

You have learned techniques to center yourself and embody greater confidence.


Meeting a group of women for lunch where you can laugh, support, and be vulnerable with each other knowing that competition has left the building. 

Leaving work and getting a call from one of your Red Tent Goddess sisters that reminds you that you are never alone.

Coming home and walking into your significant other who has prepared a romantic dinner by just taking care of yourself and being you they have felt the Goddess energy within and wanted to serve you.

Jumping on a Red Tent Goddess Gathering and feeling fresh, renewed, deeply nourished.  You leave feeling inspired and heard. 

You come back to your significant other and they cannot help but ravish you and remind you that you are cared, loved, and appreciated for exactly who you are.

You prepare a Goddess Bath for yourself filled with flowers, candles, and relaxing music to end your night. 

Before going to bed you will look in the mirror and experience more love than ever before when you look into your own eyes.

You fall asleep with a smile on your face realizing all is well with the world and that everything is always working for you.

Happy Woman Waking Up
Fashionable Young Woman
Smiling Professional Female
Mobile Phone User
Young Woman Lying in Bed Wearing Lingeri

Are you ready for a shift in lifestyle?

Is this calling your soul?

Claudia and Jaslin had no idea how transitioning from physical gatherings to virtual Red Tent New Moon Gatherings was going to go. We just felt the call from the Goddess and trusted. We were divinely guided to offer 3-months of free Red Tent Gatherings and Wild Women Full Moon Gatherings to help our sisters during COVID-19's Quarantine. Then, we listened as more and more women asked for us to continue this monthly. 

The Red Tent Goddess Membership is the gift that COVID created for our sisters, each other, and the world.



the Goddesses Behind Red Tent Goddess Membership:

Co-founder | High-Priestess | Certified Red Tent Women’s Circle Facilitator | Women’s Guide | Certified Sacred Menarche Mentor | Certified Transpersonal Coach | 200-HR Kali Natha Yogi | Reiki Master Ordained Minister | Creative Director | Beloved Wife | Mother | Lover of Life 

Co-founder | Certified Lunar Womb Priestess | High Priestess | Full Moon Lodge Facilitator | Womb Healer | Cyclical Living Supporter Reiki Master | Herbalist | Cherished Wife | Sister to All | Mother Earth Lover


How this membership Came to be

We did not know that we would be called to do this as a monthly private membership to continue our service to the Goddess and our sisters.

But we listen and we trust the Goddess.


Claudia & Jaslin met serendipitously at a Sacred Feminine Event a year before COVID.

Ever had that feeling you’ve met that person before?


That was the feeling these two had with a deeper knowing that they were meant to create something together (not knowing what at the time but trusting the Goddess).

Jaslin heard the in-person event was canceled and recommended a virtual gathering and the rest is history.

Happy Family

This membership is for you if you are ready to...

• Connect to a deeper level with yourself and create an unbreakable self-love practice.

• Learn more about the Goddess and would like to work more closely with her.

• Discover like-minded women walking the same path & create a powerful sisterhood that will always have your back.

• Create a divine marriage within between your divine feminine and divine masculine.

• Become in-sync with natural rhythms such as the moon and menstrual cycles.

• Commit to your spiritual growth & relationship with women and invest in your journey.

• Go through breakdowns that will lead to amazing breakthroughs and understand emotional-healing is part of the process.

• Take off the masks and be authentically yourself with a group of loving and supportive sisters.

• Learn to ask for support and request help when needed while asking taboo questions that have been hidden for months or years and get them answered.

• Heal deep feminine & masculine wounds.

• Bring out the wild woman and embrace the shadows within.

• Cleanse your womb to birth more creative and sexual awakening.

• Reconnect to joy every step of the way in this lifetime.

• Quiet the inner critic voice and bring out the hidden inner wisdom locked in your body.



“Each time as we complete a gathering, I am filled with an energy of the kind I can only explain as fresh, renewing, and deeply feminine and spiritual.  These experiences speak to me at the time in my life as a Crone.  I have never felt anything but loved and welcomed to the space.  The love and connection shared there is truly one I did not know existed, coming from a space of a strong desire to connect with women of all ages throughout my life. For me, it is more important than l realized to have women join in a circle, as part of my tribe. I leave the tent inspired and heard.” -

Smiling Girl


“This was great AND fun! I’ve been diving more into the cycles of us and the moon for the last couple of years. I’m stepping out more and more in period freedom and last night felt magnificent and just as if we were gathering in person. Thank you! I left to drive to the woods, give offerings to mama moon and father fire, and connect deeply! A great full moon honoring.” 



“Just absorbing all this beautiful juiciness, thank you for this event... I have been calling in opportunities to learn more about my fertility & femininity and this zoom came in the most divine timing SO MUCH LOVE AND GRATITUDE FOR YOU AND THIS SPACE <3”

Happy Girl

Here’s what you get in the Red Tent Goddess Membership:

2021_Red_Tent_New Moon_Circle_Square.jpg

Monthly NewMoon Red Tent  Circles

($25/month Value)

Enter the sacred temple of the Goddess.  Tune in, release, let go of worries. Receive Luna's wisdom. Connect to your heart, the Goddess, and the elements.  Set powerful intentions. Connect to your divine feminine within this sacred space dedicated to you, our ancestors, and our Goddesses.

Monthly Wild Woman FullMoon Circles

($25/month Value)

Discover the Wild Woman within while allowing her to express through song and dance. Learn and commune with female leaders from around the world to activate your higher frequencies and inner knowing.


Monthly Masterclass By Our Very Own Sisters

($25/month Value)

​Learn from your fellow sisters on all types of topics of Divine Feminine to continue your spiritual journey and connect with women from around the world. Have something you wish to teach? Here is your chance!

Journey Through Each Female Archetype


Throughout this membership, you will have the ability to connect to each feminine phase (Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, Matron, and Priestess) and create a project that has been sitting in your womb waiting to be birthed.

Daily Support From A Sisterhood


Join a community of women where you will find the magic, love, support, and accountability your soul has been craving for.


Cyclical Living Awareness



Become aware of our female advantage by learning and harmonizing with cyclical living; lunar phases, menstrual cycles, and more. Integrate this awareness into your daily life to increase energy, fertility, success, and more!



Receive All Recorded Gathering & Events


You will have the opportunity to go back and enjoy all replays of every virtual event we have had as part of the membership to be able to revisit your favorites or watch the one you may have missed and enjoyed the great vibes.

Natural Herbs
Women with a Cause
Woman Using a Tablet




(for 12 months)



(and Get 2 months Free)


Join our growing divine feminine tribe today