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Birth Day Numerology

Numerology is an interesting stream of knowledge that offers you an insight into yourself through numbers associated with you. It could be considered an offshoot of astrology. What astrology does through stars and sun signs, numerology does through numbers. Among all numerological findings, birth day numerology is considered to make the best revelations about you.

There are two ways of ascertaining numerological facts through birthday numerology. The first approach is to sum up all numbers of your birth date and to continue the process of summation till you reach a one digit number. Then numerological details associated with the number are analyzed to make a statement about your real self and anticipated incidents of your life.

For example, if your date of birth is 12/04/1984, summation approach would lead to following number:




Thus 2 is the number that would reveal numerological facts of the person born on the date 12/04/1984.

The other way is to simply look at the number of the day of the month in which you were born. All possible dates of months have been accorded with certain numerological traits. The following are the numerological details associated with birth dates from the 1st of a month to the 5th of a month:

Number 1- People born on 1st are number 1 people. They are said to be leaders. They possess strong will power and their confidence is unmatched. They can be aggressive at times.

Number 2- People born on the 2nd of any month are number 2 people. They are undoubtedly emotional and sensitive. They often fall prey to mood fluctuations.

Number 3- People born on the 3rd of any month are number 3 people. They are very energetic, confident and active. They possess great resilience.

Number 4- People born on the 4th of any month are number 4 people. They possess great organizing and managing skills. Though they are a little adamant on their views.

Number 5-People born on the 5th of any month are number 5 people. They are very dexterous at reflecting their thoughts through words. Their versatility is unmatchable and they hate stagnation in life. They are the people who change the order of the world.

However, there exists some ambiguity in these statements as details based on numbers of months are common for all months. For example two people born on 12th of April and 12th of January would share common traits according to this birth day numerology that is contrary to the sun sign approach of astrology.

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