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By picking up this cycle tracker you are now learning ancient menstrual school feminine teachings that will have you connecting to your body, your womb, the earth womb, and the cosmic womb all in one. Are you ready for a divine feminine upgrade?

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Welcome to a Goddess Community.


Red Tent Goddess Sisterhood is a sacred haven for women seeking authentic connection, self-empowerment, and a nurturing sisterhood. Embark on a transformative journey within our sanctuary, where your soul is nourished, and your innate wisdom is rediscovered.

 Red Tent Goddess is deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of goddess spirituality. It embodies the essence of the divine feminine, offering a haven for women to unite, celebrate their unique strengths, and honor the sacred cycles of life. In the spirit of goddess worship, we gather to connect with ancient goddesses' wisdom, Mother Earth's nurturing energy, and the power within ourselves. Through rituals, ceremonies, and shared experiences, we embrace the sacredness of the feminine in all its forms.

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Embrace your divine feminine essence and unlock the keys to creating a vibrant and fulfilling life.

From Isolation to life-long connections:
Unlock the secret to deep connections and self-acceptance by joining the Red Tent Goddess Sisterhood and leaving
 behind the struggle of isolation and self-doubt.

From struggle to ease: 
Say goodbye to overwhelm and embrace a life of self-care and empowerment. Find balance and healing for your body, mind, and soul in our Red Tent community.


From Self-doubt to Self-love:
Discover the joy of self-love, wisdom, and purpose, and step into your true power.


From Stress to Peace:
Slow down, honor your cycles, and find inner peace in our Red Tent.

Experience the transformative power of connecting with your divine feminine essence: 
Embrace your sensuality, reclaim your feminine power, and cultivate meaningful connections with like-minded women.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to resurrect Goddess Spirituality and inspire women to awaken their authentic selves, cultivate sisterhood bonds, and become catalysts for personal and collective transformation, embracing their unique gifts and making a meaningful impact in the world.


Join the Red Tent Goddess Sisterhood and discover a sacred space to embrace your authentic self, connect with like-minded sisters, and grow and transform on your journey of self-awareness and self-love.


Connection and community with like-minded women.

 Genuine sisterhood and sacred connections.

 Understanding and acceptance of your divine feminine energy.

 Support and guidance in embodying your feminine power.

 Opportunities to learn new skills and gain valuable insights.

 Natural hormone balancing techniques and support for cyclical living.

☥ Healing for physical and emotional wounds, including womb healing.

 Embrace and develop your intuitive gifts and powers.

 Safe and non-judgmental space for self-expression and authenticity.

 Enhanced self-love and self-care practices.

 Social connections and shared experiences with supportive sisters.

 Morning rituals for meditation and inner silence.

 Improved balance, patience, and joyfulness in life.

 Acceptance and appreciation of your body and age.

 Connection with the divine feminine and spiritual growth.

 Embracing and integrating all aspects of yourself.

 Increased love, compassion, knowledge, and support in your life.

 Guidance and leadership from experienced mentors.

 Strong sense of community and belonging.

 A balanced harmony between your masculine and feminine energies.

What our GoddessMembers are Saying

Struggling to find deeper connections and authentic sisterhood with like-minded women?



Unlock the secret to deep connections, self-acceptance, and a balanced life by joining the Red Tent Goddess Sisterhood and leave behind the struggle of isolation and self-doubt.


Say goodbye to overwhelm and embrace a life of self-care, empowerment, and sisterhood through the transformative journey of the Red Tent Goddess Sisterhood.


Experience the power of sisterhood as you heal physical and emotional pain, balance your hormones naturally, and step into your authentic self. 



Embrace your sensuality, reclaim your feminine power, and cultivate meaningful connections with like-minded women in the empowering space of the Red Tent Goddess Sisterhood.



Discover the joy of self-love, wisdom, and purpose as you embark on a transformative journey with the Red Tent Goddess Sisterhood, leaving behind doubt and embracing a life of fulfillment and authenticity.



Become part of the Red Thread Lineage. The Red Thread is found in many traditions. It is a symbol of our connection to the Sacred Mother. When you join Red Tent Goddess, you receive a red thread as a symbol of the sacred connection. It is a reminder that you are never alone.


Sister Goddess  Lisa

I love this sisterhood! Everyone is so nice and so talented. The masterclasses are off the chart and the moon gatherings are where it's at. The information and processes we are learning are so incredibly sacred and beautiful. I am so honored to be here with everyone. I am so grateful for Claudia and Jaslin's leadership. Come and join us!!!!


Sister Goddess  Lisette

“My experience has been phenomenal. The Red Tent is my spiritual family; I couldn't be happier. My favorite day of the week is Tuesday because that's when I get to see all of you. I haven't missed an event. Love, Love the Red Tent, and love Claudia and Jaslin.”


Sister Goddess Claudia

This has been a Loving place for me to grow and support others with all our gifts of living experiences and more. Where I was able to accept parts of myself and my feminine side that were rejected and denied for many many years!! I love myself more than ever, and it is a beautiful system for any woman!! I am so amazed by it!


Our Offerings



Our sisterhood provides a safe, supportive, and empowering environment for women to explore and embrace their feminine nature, connect with like-minded sisters, and grow and transform on their journey towards greater self-awareness and self-love in a safe and non-judgmental space to speak their truth and be heard.

Sacred Spaces

Dive into the online community and connect with like-minded sisters from around the world. Participate in virtual gatherings, in person circles, workshops, movie nights, and rituals that align with your interests and needs. Share your own wisdom, experiences, and questions within the supportive space.

Embodied Sensuality and Empowered Sexuality 

Embrace your sensuality, deepen your connection with your own body and sexuality, and experience a more fulfilling and empowered expression of your feminine essence. Learn to love what you see in the mirror by creating a sacred relationship with your temple.

Monthly Moon Gatherings

Journey through the moon cycles & astrological signs. Every month we host a new and full moon circle tailored to the sign the moon is traveling through. Learn the astrology of the month, enjoy special meditations, rituals, and work with different goddesses to make the most of your lunar cycle. 

Celebrate Cycles & Life Phases

We honor seasons, moon cycles and our own menstrual cycles.

Participate in rituals, ceremonies, and events to honor the different cycles of life, including menopause and cronehood.

Personal Growth and Spiritual Expansion

Experience opportunities to learn new skills, gain insights, and access ancient mystery knowledge, fostering personal growth and expanding their spiritual awareness.

Learn & Grow

In addition to our monthly lunar circles, we offer a variety of masterclasses that are led by our members. From Akashic Records, to Human Design to painting classes, you'll love the wide range of classes we offer. To top it off, as a member, you get a chance to teach a class or two to the sisterhood. Practice your skills and promote your brilliance. 

Hormonal Balancing & Womb Healing Support

Heal physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds with arranged healing circles, a prayer chat, and access to professional sisters to a wide variety of gifts. Have access to various healing modalities, including womb healing and emotional release, leading to profound transformation.

Receive guidance and support in balancing your hormones naturally, leading to improved physical health, increased vitality, and overall well-being.

Cyclical Living

Understand the concept of cyclical living and its importance for women. Understand the four menstrual cycle phases (yes, four) and its connection to your overall well-being. Learn natural approaches to bring your body to balance and stop experiencing irregular periods, cramps, PMS, and more. Discover practices and exercises to honor and align with your menstrual cycle and/or moon cycles while living a healthier womanly lifestyle.


Are you ready to experience the magic of the Red Tent?

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We invite you to join our Red Tent Online Temple, where you can immerse yourself in a community of like-minded women on a shared journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. In this virtual sanctuary, we gather to honor our divine feminine essence, share wisdom, support one another, and celebrate the beauty of womanhood.

Whether you're seeking a listening ear, seeking guidance, or simply yearning for authentic connections, our Red Tent Temple Online Temple offers a safe and inclusive space to explore, heal, and flourish. Come, step into our virtual temple, and embrace the transformative power of sisterhood.

Join us today and experience the magic of the Red Tent Temple.




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